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Since 2003

Jinhua, China

Factory Area
47,000 m2

120 +

Product Patent

Industry-leading and Professional Manfacturer of Photoluminescent Material and Products

MINHUI’s Photoluminescent Products

Photoluminescent Pigment

Photoluminescent pigment for ink, paint, resin, plastic, ceramics, glass, fiber, watches, artworks, signs, etc.

Photoluminescent Film/Rigid Board

Photoluminescent PVC/PET/Acrylic/HTV film and PVC/PET/Aluminium rigid board. Great for inkjet/silkscreen printing and engraving.

Photoluminescent Signs

Photoluminescent signs and stair nosings, can be used in buildings and public transportation to indicate escape route and firefighting equipment during emergencies.

Photoluminescent Stone/Tile

Photoluminescent stone and tiles can make beatiful greenway, bikeway, gardens, parks, fish tanks and other decorations.

Photoluminescent Masterbatch

Specially made photoluminescent masterbatch can be used for making fiber, toys, cups, bottles and other plastic glow in the dark products.

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