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Luminescent Aluminum Sheet

Photoluminescent aluminum sheet is a luminescent product developed and produced on the basis of long afterglow photoluminescent powder, a component that is independently developed by Minhui. It is a photoluminescent sheet made of metal sheet, nontoxic and harmless, doesn’t contain any radioactive elements, and is characterized by quick light absorption, longer afterglow and longer service life. Photoluminescent Aluminum sheet list
Model          Thickness (mm) Size   Afterglow Intensity (mcd/㎡) Appearance (Daytime) Glowing color (Night)
10 min 60min
MH-AL-G200 1.3 0.6*1m >210 >30 Light-yellow  Yellow-green
MH-AL-G300 1.3 >300 >35
MH-AL-G500 1.5 >500 >68
MH-AL-G700 2.0 >700 >90
Test standard of Luminance: DIN67510-1 Characteristics:     1、 Excellent strength, excellent weather resistance.     2、 Excellent printable performance, recommend to be printed by two-component solvent ink.     3、 Applied or fixed Safety Markings,Warning signsfire-fighting signs widely in various places with harsh environment relatively.     4、 Different thickness,special dimension,substrate,luminescent color,luminance can be customized.

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