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PVC Photoluminescent Rigid Sheet

Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet is a luminescent product developed and produced on the basis of long afterglow photoluminescent powder, a component that is independently developed by Minhui. It is a photoluminescent sheet made of hard plastic, nontoxic and harmless, doesn’t contain any radioactive elements, and is characterized by quick light absorption, longer afterglow and longer service life. This photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet is produced by mixing photoluminescent powder with several resins under special process. It features quick light absorption and long afterglow duration, and takes the lead in luminance performance among all its peers. Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet list
Model     Thickness (mm)  Size Afterglow Intensity (mcd/㎡) Appearance (Daytime) Glowing color (Night)
10 min 60min
MH-B-G050 1.0 1m X 1.2m 0.5mX0.6m >50 >5




MH-B-G100 1.1 >100 >10
MH-B-G150 1.2 >150 >20
MH-B-G200 1.2 >210 >30
MH-B-G300 1.3 >300 >35
MH-B-G500 1.6 >500 >68
MH-B-G700 1.6 >700 >90
MH-B-B200  1.2 >170 >15


Test standard of Luminance: DIN67510-1 Characteristics: 1. Many luminance grade, excellent parting off performance, easy to use. 2.Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet can resist flame to some extent, it can extinguish automatically when moved away from the fire source. 3.Excellent printable performance: silk-screen & inkjet printing(solvent ink). 4. Application in Safety Markings、Warning signs、fire-fighting signs widely. 5. Different thickness、special dimension、luminescent color、luminance or surface effect can be customized. 6. We can add self-adhesive of the PL PVC rigid sheet based on customers’ requirement.