Luminous Greenway

In recent years, with the rapid development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, greenways have become more and more popular. Greenway is a linear green open space. It is usually established along natural and artificial corridors such as riversides, valleys, ridges, and scenic roads. It has a landscape recreation line for pedestrians and cyclists. It is an effective carrier that can protect ecology, improve people’s livelihood and develop economic perfectly. For the development of the greenway, we have developed a series of luminous road stud, luminous rubble, luminous pebbles, specialized elastic luminous granules and other long afterglow products for greenways.

Glow Pebble Darkness-1 Glow Pebble Daytime-2
Colored Glow Pebble Darkness Colored Glow Pebble daytime
Glow Pebble Daytime-1 Glow Pebble darkness-2
Glow Rubble Daytime Glow Rubble Darkness