MHP Series- Aluminate Based

MH series photoluminescent pigments are made from alkaline earth aluminate, which present themselves in light yellow or yellow green and white and whose luminance colors include ; yellow green, blue-green, blue, and purple. This photoluminescent pigment range features high luminance and long afterglow. Currently, this range has the most extensive scope of application and can be used in coatings, inks, paints, plastics, printing paste, ceramics, glass, fibers, and any other transparent medium (but only limited to oil substances) to achieve the light radiation objective of medium.

MH series photoluminescent pigment has four categories according to luminous color: MHG yellow-green, MHB blue-green, MHSB sky-blue, MHP purple. Each category has several models according to quality and particle size.

MHP Purple Photoluminescent Pigment


MHP Purple photoluminescent pigments are made from calcium aluminate, which present themselves in light white and whose luminance colors is purple. The luminance of MHP photoluminescent pigment is worst in MH series. It has been mainly applied to toys, craftworks and gifts, and so on, which need to glow purple.

Produce code: MHP Appearance: Solid powder
Chemical name: Calcium Strontium aluminate doped with rare earth PH: 10~12
Molecular formula: CaAl2O4::Eu+2,Dy+3,La+3 density: 3.4 g/cm3
CAS No.: 1344-28-1 Excitation wavelength: 240~440nm
Daytime color: light white Emitting wavelength: 460nm
Glowing color: Purple HS code: 3206500


MHP Series Photoluminescent Pigment pigment list

Model   Size
Afterglow intensity(mcd/㎡) Glowing color
10min 60min
MHP-6B 65~85 36 6.5  MHP A  MHP B
MHP-6C 45~55 28 5
MHP-6D 15~45 19 3.5


1. Luminance test conditions: D65 standard light source at 1000LX luminous flux density for 10min of excitation.

2. Particle size B is recommended for production craft of pouring, reverse mould, etc. Particle size C and D are recommended for printing, coating, injection, etc.