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MSWRP-4D – Rose Purple Sulfide Based Photoluminescent Pigment

DESCRIPTION MSWRP-4D has a apperance color of white and a glow color of rose purple, its D50 particle size is 10~45um. It is calcium aluminate Yttrium oxysulfide doped with europium, chemical formula is CaAl2O6Y2S :Eu. MS series features zinc sulfide and other sulfide based glow in the dark powder. Currently, we manfacture 7 models, glow colors including green, red, orange, white, red-orange and rose-purple. These photoluminescent pigment has very pure luminous color. Some of the colors can not be achieved by strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder. These photoluminescent pigment is non-radioactive, non toxic and skin-safe.  Some models are available in waterproof form, ask our specialist for more information.    SPECIFICATION
Model Size (D50)um Afterglow intensity(mcd/㎡) Glowing color (Night) Appearance (Daytime)
10min 60min
MSGG-4D  10~30 40 4
MSRR-4D  20~50 20 1
MSRO-4D  20~50 22 1
MSWW-4D  15~45 170 27
MSWO-4D  10~45 25 1.2
MSWR-4D 10~45 25 1.2
MSWRP-4D 10~45 25 1.2
Note: 1. Luminance test conditions: D65 standard light source at 1000LX luminous flux density for 10min of excitation.