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Photoluminescent Pigment For Plastic Moulding/Fiber Drawing


Minhui's photoluminescent pigment can be broadly used in plastic moulding and be processed into various plastic products. Our pigment can be well dispersed in PS, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, PMMA and other plastic. After absorbing light for 10-30 minutes, the photoluminescent plastic can continue to emit light for 12 hours in the dark, and the process of light absorption and light emission can be infinitely cycled. Our photoluminescent pigment is non-radioactive, non-toxic,very weatherproof, very chemically stable and with a long shelf life of 15 years.   


Photoluminescent pigment produced by MINHUI is classified into A, B, C, D, E, etc. according to the particle size. To acheive the optimal result, we should select suitable size according to the actual process and final products. For plastic moulding, we recommend photoluminescent pigment of grain size like class C or D. MHG (yellow-green) and MHB(blue-green), which are strontium aluminate doped with rare earth, are two kind of photoluminescent pigment with the brightest glow color, thus will make great glow in the dark plastic. If the final product may be exposed to humid environment for a long time, we recommend choosing our MH-**W series, the waterproof photoluminescent pigments. Nonwaterproof pholuminescent pigments will be slowly hydrolyzed when soaked in water for a long time, and gradually lose their luminescent properties. For luminance statistics of MINHUI's pigment, please see Specification. MH serie's photoluminescent pigment meets the US requirement of ASTM F963-16 (Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety), Test Method CPSC-CH-E1003-09.1 for total Lead, and  ASTM F 963-16 (Clause 8.3) for soluable heavy metal; and registered for EU REACH standard in accordance with the REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. Find all the certificates we have.   


To see our detailed guide on how to make photoluminescent masterbatch, please check this out: How to Make Photoluminescent Masterbatch – All The Tips and Tricks You Need to Know. Photoluminescent pigment can easily turn black during the heating process, which will reduce the luminous brightness of plastic luminescent products and affect its appearant color. Thus require careful and professional handling. You can also purchase photoluminescent masterbatch from us, which you can use directly for moulding.