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Self-adhesive PET Photoluminescent Film

PET series photoluminescent self-adhesive film is manufactured by coating on PET film by mixing high quality strontium aluminate luminescent pigment which is manufactured by Minhui with acrylic resin. This product possesses very glossy surface, stable property, but is not good for common printing. PET series Photoluminescent self-adhesive film list
Model Thickness (mm) Size Afterglow Intensity (mcd/㎡) Appearance (Daytime) Glowing color (Night)
10 min 60min
MHF-GP030 0.15 1.23M*50M  >23 >3   Light-yellow   Yellow-green
MHF-GP050 0.15 >50 >7
MHF-GP100 0.16 >100 >12
MHF-GP150 0.21 >150 >20
MHF-GP200 0.25 >210 >30
Test standard of Luminance: DIN67510-1 Characteristics: 1. Many luminance grade, very glossy surface, non-tearing. 2.Excellent computer carving performance, hard for printing. 3. Application on surface of all kind of products widely : such as computer switches, remote control panel, wall switches, plugs, sockets, locks, flashlights, door handles, handrails, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, life-saving appliances, etc. it can indicate its location, easy to use. 4. Specification: width:1.24m; length:10m、25m& 50m. 5.Luminescent color、luminance、specification and dimension can be customized.