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Self Adhesive PVC Photoluminescent Film


Photoluminescent film, also known as luminous film, glow in the dark film and glow in the dark vinyl. Glow in the dark film usually is used for making exit, warning, identification and directional signage and markings. It can be used for identification of fire alarms, fire extinguishers; and emergency and egress routes in places like public transportations, planes, vessels, tunnels, mines, public buildings, etc. MINHUI's PVC series photoluminescent pressure sensitive adhesive film features PVC paste resin and our high quality strontium aluminate powder, which makes it have outstanding initial and retained luminoisty.  

Product Characteristics

- Great for silk-screen printing, inkjet printing and gravure. - Excellent layflatness and stability during cutting and weeding - Outstanding indoor and outdoor performance I. Indoor service life: 6-8 years II. Outdoor service life: 4-6 years - Very weatherproof, can be used in environment with temperature of -20~65 ℃ (-68~149℉) - Approved for use throughout the accommodation as Low-Location Lighting, and is accepted for installation on all vessels classed by DNV GL I. DNV GL rules for classification – Ships II.DNV GL offshore standards III. Low Location Lighting(LLL) on passenger ships: IMO Res. A.752 (18) & ISO 15370:2010 - Fire resistant I. Test for Surface Flammability: In accordance to IMO Resolution MSC 307(88) (2010 FTP Code): Annex 1: Part 5 II.Testing of combustible materials—Response to ignition by a small flame—Surface ignition: In accordance to DIN 53438 Part 3:1984 - Non toxic and non harmful to humans I. RoHS Directive (EU) 2015/863 - Salt and detergent resistance Find more about the certificates and test report of our glow in the dark film.  

Luminance Level

Many sellers in the market classify their luminous film according to glow hour, which is an oversimplified way. PSPA classification is a professional classification system and is what we refer to. It is based on luminance decay data as given when tested according to ISO 17398 (also ISO 16069) illuminated with 1000 lux from Xenon D75 (Daylight) source for 5 minutes. It is also extremely similar to DIN 67510 Part 1 and ASTM E 2073-10 also with this illumination and time. The luminance statistics of our photoluminescent film is tested in accordance to DIN 67510 Part 1. For more details, please see Specification.  

Product Structure

Our standard PVC glow in the dark vinyl consists of five layers (schematic diagram below): the first/surface layer is transparent protective PVC layer, the second layer is the photoluminescent layer, the third layer is the white base layer, the fourth layer is the adhesive layer and the fifth layer is the release paper (4th and 5th layer are optional according to customer's requirement). Both matte and glossy finishes are available.

 Structure Of Minhui's Glow In The Dark PVC Film

Additional Info

Our PVC photoluminescent film comes in many colors, including the common yellow-green color, and blue-green, blue, green, red, yellow, and orange. Our glow in the dark vinyl is sold in rolls, its standard size is 1.24 meter * 10 meter, 1.24 meter * 25 meter and 1.24 meter * 50 meter. Custom size can also be made. MHF-G500P's standard size is 1.20 meter * 1 meter.