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Thermal Transfer (HTV) Photoluminscent Film

Thermal transfer series photoluminescent self-adhesive film is made from high quality strontium aluminate luminescent pigment which is manufactured by Minhui mixing with hot melt. This product has transferable performance, which is suitable for hot stamping on cloth and garment decoration. Thermal transfer series Photoluminescent self-adhesive film list
Model Thickness (mm) Szie Afterglow Intensity (mcd/㎡) Appearance (Daytime) Glowing Color (Night)
10 min 60min
TF-G150 0.17 0.61M*10M >150 >20   Light-yellow   Yellow-green
TF-B150 0.17 >120 >17
Test standard of Luminance: DIN67510-1 Characteristics: 1. Excellent heat transfer performance, suitable for all kinds of textile fabric, not restricted by color of printed substrate, excellent covering power, particularly suitable for sports team uniforms, LOGO, single pattern, clothing and garment decoration by hot stamping. 2.Resistance to rubbing, hand wash, machine wash and can be washed with various cleaning methods, won’t broken or come to unglued under high temperature environment. 3. Machine engraved and hand carved are suitable, heat transfer and electric iron both can stamping. 4.The raw material of this products are all environmentally friendly material, there is no discomfort if contacting with the skin, no harm to the skin. 5. Luminescent color、luminance、specification and dimension can be customized.